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Terms and Conditions

Overton Clocks of Chesterfield Limited, set out the following terms and conditions.

We (Overton Clocks), service and repair to the best quality with care and skill. however on occasion watches, clocks and barometers may beyond economical repair, or we may be unable to source parts for old/antique pieces, and therefore in these circumstances will not be able to be repaired. Wherever this occurs, and the item is not returned working to the customer, we will not charge. The only exception to this is if we have spoken to the customer prior to this outcome, to discuss any charges and risks before continuing, and agreement is made to continue. That will be taken as a verbal agreement that payment will be made regardless of outcome.

We do not accept liability for any damage to watch or clock cases and that have been incorrectly fastened by a previous person, and we have to use excess force to open as requested. Any damage will be repaired to the highest standard should this happen. However sometimes it is not possible to remove or correct all damage.

All work will be carried out as agreed and estimated times will be as close as possible, however on occasion due to holidays, staff illness busy times etc, this timescale may not be achieved.

We complete all repairs in good faith, and due to the age and wear of some items, a full restoration to ‘as new’ is unachievable. We are sometimes unable to repair something to an ‘as new’ state.  The closest we can get to this is by fitting a new movement or part, if available. For example, should you require your mantle clock to work ‘as new’, this must be explained to us in advance, and we will check if we are able to purchase a new movement for your clock. We aim to avoid disappointment wherever possible, however, we are sometimes unable to repair an item to a condition of when it was first manufactured.

Should an item require work under warranty, sufficient time is required to complete this. Bearing in mind work currently in progress, and fault finding on the timepiece. We will also need time to re-test the timepiece and adjust any further issues accordingly. This can take time, and can sometimes be as long as six weeks or more. Any clock collected by a customer, without confirmation of satisfactory, sufficient test, do so at their own risk. No guarantee  can be given the clock will work, in these circumstances.

Any warranty given, does not cover parts which are not newly replaced by Overton Clocks, nor does it cover any damage which, in our opinion has been done by the ‘customer’. Unless a set up fee has been charged, Overton Clocks reserves the right to charge for a call out, to cover travel costs.

Should a visit or callout be requested by a customer, a payment will be requested up front, should the customer not be available for the appointment time as agreed, and the appointment has to be re-scheduled, a further charge to cover travel is required in most cases. Refunds will not be made when a customer is not available as agreed.

Any request for a refund will be considered, with the above taken into account. However please be aware if Overton Clocks have stripped and cleaned your timepiece, and it does not work to your satisfaction, after sufficient attempts and time to rectify this by us. You may only be entitled to a small part refund, as most of the payment initially made will be for labour to strip, clean and reassemble the clock, and not just for repairs.

In most cases a refund is not possible, this is usually when the clock is old. If you can imagine taking an old car into a mechanics repair shop, it is unlikely they are going to be able to repair or service the car, to its original new ‘shop floor condition’.  This is the same for timepieces, and they are much more intricate and delicate than a motor vehicle. Please be patient and understanding with us, if things don’t always go right. We will do everything we can to get your beloved timepiece working well and back to you as soon as possible. We take the utmost care and attention with all your valued timepieces, and understand how important they are to you.

If you are unsure of your statutory rights as a consumer, please refer to: Consumer Rights Act 2015.  You will be able to find help and guidance on and

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