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cog-less pocket watch innards

Roamer Watch

What a first full week as a proper full time clockmaker it’s been! I’m finally living my dream and it is lovely.. This Roamer watch was very dirty and grubby before the magic wand was passed over it… ( before and after pics) Thankyou so much for all your support smile emoticon enjoy!

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a roamer watch before cleaning
a roamer watch after cleaning
Modern Rotary Watch

Modern Rotary Watch

A modern Rotary watch receiving a new movement. The customer came in believing the watch was beyond repair. So, we stripped the watch down, checked for and repaired any damages before thoroughly cleaning the entire piece to bring back its ‘new’ look.

The customer was amazed with the result and is back to wearing the watch again on a daily basis.

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1920s Wyler Wristwatch

1920s Wyler Wristwatch

wyler wrist watch next to some tools

One of our recent purchases, a 1920s Wyler Wristwatch. We were required to repair the Watch as it was not ticking. Replacing the mainspring did the trick, the watch is now ticking away in our shop.Have your own Faulty watch?

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William Webster Longcase Clock

William Webster Bracket Clock

A William Webster Bracket clock in for restoration. This clock features a highly engraved back plate. With double fusee movement and verge escapement and subsidiary dial depicting the phase of the moon and a date ring. The owners discovered this clock in a loft, and were preparing it for sale. William Webster was the apprentice of the eminent Thomas Tompion. At any rate, a beautiful piece by one of the most prominent clock makers in the country.

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William Webster Bracket Clock mechanism
William Webster Bracket Clock mechanism
William Webster Bracket Clock face
Clock mechanism with clock face attached


19th Century Longcase Clock

19th Century Long Case Clock

19th Century Longcase Clock face and mechanism

This stunning 19th Century Long case Clock came in for full restoration including re bushing, cleaning and testing. In fact, this classic Long case clock which was a absolute pleasure to work on.

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Fully restored french drum movement

Fully Restored French Drum Movement

Fully restored french drum movement
French Drum Movement Clock

The owners of this excellent french drum movement clock brought it in for a full service and clean as it was in need of repair. So, we fully stripped the clock down into its component parts, cleaning and checking in the process. Next, once we were happy the clock was looking spick and span the testing stage began.

Now everything is working as it should. Finally the restored movement is ready to go back in its case. The customers were very happy with the service.Have a timepiece you want restored? Contact us

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repairing a broken escapement

Repairing a Broken Escapement


Next job on the bench, repairing a broken escapement… Step one, gather information and draw out how it should be! Then adjust Pallet to fit…
Next stage tomorrow, but for now, time for a cuppa!

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