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Charles Frodsham Regulator | Tick Tock Thursday

This weeks horological shenanigans has seen us start the full restoration of a rare Charles Frodsham precision wall mounted regulator number 835. The 10-inch silvered dial signed Chas Frodsham, London, 835. With strike/silent lever at XII, the substantial fusee and chain movement with six turned tapered pillars, dead beat escapement with jewelled pallets, maintaining power, high count trains and rack striking on a coiled gong. The backplate signed Chas Frodsham, 84 Strand. The second beat steel flask mercury pendulum is beautifully made. Along with the case with flat top moulded cornice, the glazed trunk door with fluted and scroll-carved sides. The interior with a silvered beat plaque signed Charles Frodsham Clock Maker to the Queen. The moulded base with a scroll-carved corbel
157.5cm. 5ft. 2in.

top of the regulator,
bottom half of the regulator
charles frodsham engraving
Charles Frodsham regulator face

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frodsham library clock face close up

Frodsham Library Clock restoration

Here we have a rather lovely Frodsham Library Clock with silent escapement powered from a double fusee striking mechanism. Set in a beautiful walnut case with inlayed brass, this particular clock came in for a full restoration and was in quite a poor state of repair. We must say that the finished Timepiece look splendid.

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 a rather lovely Frodsham Library Clock
 a rather lovely Frodsham Library Clock
 a rather lovely Frodsham Library Clock
 a rather lovely Frodsham Library Clock