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Johnson of Chesterfield longcase clock face close up

Clock of Week – Johnson Of Chesterfield Long Case Clock With Painted Dial

This weeks clock of the week is a Johnson Of Chesterfield long case Clock. A lovely provincial eight day oak long case clock with cross banding and inlaid leaves and shells by Timothy Johnson of Chesterfield.
Its not often we have a provincial clock in such a lovely condition. The light oak case with inlaid features of cross banding, leaves and shells stands well against the “phase 2” dial with Arabic numerals and delicately painted floral arrangement to the arch. The gilt paint corner spandrels match the colour of the case beautifully and has to be seen to fully appreciate the clock.
The four pillar movement with knopped pillars and rack striking mechanism is currently under restoration and will come with a full guarantee for peace of mind in your investment. 

Buy it here before its sold!

A large oaken long case clock by Johnson of Chesterfield

Soldano Carriage Clock |Tick Tock Thursday

This week has seen us fully overhaul and restore a stunning striking carriage clock by the maker Soldano. The faultless gilt case has an engine turned silvered dial with perfect white porcelain dial. The case is enhanced by copper gilt Corinthian columns and milled slices to the top and bottom. Soldano was commended on his cases during his life. During the overhaul, I polished the movement using an age old technique using chalk and this gives the brass a shine and colour that is only achieved using this method. Although very Labour intensive it is worth the effort! As you can see from the video.

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Thomas Johnson long case| Tick Tock Thursday

The sun is out and we have just finished this absolutely lovely local clock by Thomas Johnson of Chesterfield. This clock dates from somewhere between c1800 and c1830. It has a most wonderful inlaid oak case with shells and leaves and cross banding to the edges. This clock has the more unusual Arabic numerals to the dial. Featuring a floral display with real gold leaf highlights.

Thomas Johnson signature on a clock face
Thomas Johnson Long case Base section
Thomas Johnson Longcase

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Christmas Closing

Merry Christmas one an all!

Overton Clocks are now closed until Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

Wishing you all a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

vine like paintings on the bonnet of a long case clock

Palatial Regulator – Tick Tock Thursday

This week we’re focusing on our amazing apprentice Jessica! Jessica has been with us for over a year now and is moving onto the finer clocks we work with. This palatial regulator has been fully restored from a very tired state and is now ready for a good number of years service again.. enjoy!

Jessica the apprentice working on a palatial regulator

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carriage clock with woman depicted on the side

Risqué Strike/Repeat Carriage Clock c1867

Risqué Strike/Repeat Carriage Clock
an image inscribed on a clock of a scantily clad woman
Risqué Strike/Repeat Carriage Clock c1867

We have recently restored this marvellous and rather
risqué strike/repeat carriage clock which is now for sale. It has a date of 1867 inscribed under the baseplate and the maker inscribed “M.P” behind the dial! with rare Images on the glass depicting rather risqué ladies! For Victorian 1867… this would have been a mischievous purchase.. enjoy!! Purchase it from our sellingantuiques.co.uk page if its not already been snapped up!

back of a carriage clock with the inner parts showing
An image of a risqué lady on a clock
clock movement cogs

Tick Tock Thursday! – Cube Clock

A rather nice cube clock and a clock that needed a new suspension top making from scratch!  

Posted by Overton Clocks on Thursday, 23 February 2017

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longcase clock movement

Tick Tock Thursday! – hand made pendulum stay

A proper bit of clockmaking this week! To begin with, creating a hand made pendulum stay for an 18th century bracket clock. Also, Jess the apprentice is really coming on in leaps and bounds. Here she is restoring a marvellous Bennet triple longcase movement with a massive set of bells! Hence, It’s very loud! Enjoy…🤓

Posted by Overton Clocks on Thursday, 2 March 2017

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Striking long case regulator with calendar and age and phase of the moon face

Complicated Regulator Clock

Now then…. this very complicated Regulator clock came in recently for a full overhaul.. the gearing had been set up incorrectly so we completely dismantled and cleaned all parts before reassembling correctly! I think it’s time for a stiff drink after all that! Enjoy! 🤓

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Ottoman Style bracket clock with a dark rich wood pale gold trim and ornate patterning

Ottoman style Bracket Clock

An Ottoman style Bracket clock with Anchor recoil escapement. Rack striking on the hour and a Whittington tune playing Carillion on eight bells that is triggered every quarter of an hour via a “flick” let off lever. Although this clock was quite grubby, it clearly had not been serviced for some time. There was a lack of previous repairers marks or Botcher’s scars present. The movement required 4 handmade bushes fitting to the centre arbour and fly on the striking side.

As always with these clocks, the setup of the let off spring is vital due its precise nature of operation. Too little tension and the Flick lever does not push the rack lever off and the quarter rack does not drop. This in turn does not push both the strike lever off the strike rack. Then the warn lever isn’t held forward holding the strike train ready. On the other scale if the Flick lever spring is too tight, too much energy is absorbed from the going train trying to bend the flick causing the clock to stop. The case was also in a very similar state of repair and required a full restoration including missing and loose parts having to be manufactured.

Ottoman style bracket clock case
Ottoman style bracket clock case
Ottoman style bracket clock mechanism
Ottoman style bracket clock mechanism
Ottoman style bracket clock mechanism
pieces of an Ottoman style bracket clock
pieces of an Ottoman style bracket clock
pieces of an Ottoman style bracket clock
pieces of an Ottoman style bracket clock
a clock movement

A few new pictures for you

Just some pictures for our page… 🤓 enjoy!

back of a clock mechanism pictures
clock mechanism pictures
an ornate white clock face pictures
a small clock without its case pictures
cogs and levers in the back of a clock
Clock mechanism with a bell
lots of clock pieces

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Fabrikmarke Clock face

Tick Tock Tuesday – Fabrikmarke clock

It’s tick tock Tuesday again! This week sees a start on this unusual Fabrikmarke clock that goes for 1 year on one wind! It also features a deadbeat escapement and fusee movement. As you can see it’s pretty grimy! Special attention is needed on all bearings and friction surfaces to ensure as little power is lost in the train. I will add the finished work later in the week… Enjoy! 🤓

Fabrikmarke clock mechanism
Fabrikmarke clock pendulum

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Russian single weight time piece face

Tick Tock Tuesday! – Russian Single Weight Timepiece

This weeks tick tock Tuesday is a lovely Russian single weight timepiece from St Petersburg! With detailed engraving on the dial surround and a skeleton front plate.. the movement is stunning. It sits in a 4ft wall mounted case and retains its original plate glass on three sides. 🤓 enjoy!

Russian single weight timepiece face

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