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Stoelklok from Holland(c.18th century)| Clock of the Week

A stunning large 18th century Stoelklok in a most wonderful original condition is the clock of the week this time.

The hardwood frames “seat” has an age and patina that has to be seen to appreciated. The piece carries the original gilt lead fretwork as well. The dark green painted colour with gilt linework is a pleasing change from the more common mermaid and parrot designs that can a little overpowering for the English taste seen in later clocks. 

The Clock sits on four wooden turned legs with over exaggerated knops. These support the timber base to the clock movement that has a metal sheath over the top of it. From this sheath, four hand turned pillars carry the frame and wheelwork. The wheels display setting out marks that would have helped the maker determine tooth depth and spoke positions. 

I have purposely not restored/overhauled this movement due to its lovely aged condition. However, the movement has been carefully cleaned and oiled and it operates perfectly. This was done because I believe a”bright” shiny movement would not have looked well in this case. If however you would like the movement completely overhauling then let me know and I can discuss options to you.

This is a good opportunity to own a good Stoelklok that are in there own way a horological important step in the history of the clock. 

Christian Huygens invented the pendulum clock in 1656 and had the design patented the next year. In addition to this invention, his research in horology resulted in an extensive analysis of the pendulum in his 1673 book Horologium Oscillatorium. This book is regarded as one of the most important 17th-century works in mechanics. While the first part of the book contains descriptions of clock designs, most of the book is an analysis of pendulum motion and a theory of curves. Dutch maker then took this invention and developed various styles of clock including the Stoelklok. Meaning “Seat” Clock, the Stoelklok features a “seat” meaning the wall mounted frame that the clock sits on.

Purchase this stunning piece for your own here before its gone!

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