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Setting up your Mantle Clock

Blue print of a mantle clock mechanism

Setting up a mantle clock is easy just follow these instructions!

  1. Wind each mainspring fully
  2. See that hammer (fig 3) is hitting gong squarely, and when at rest there is between 1/16 to 1/8 clearance
  3. Put pendulum (fig 4) on crutch (fig 5)
  4. Place the clock in the position which you wish it to operate, and set in motion
  5. Listen carefully to the beat and if a regular and even tick-tock is heard the clock will be in perfect adjustment (in beat)
  6. If the tick-tock is irregular, it will be necessary to move the crutch (fig 5). either to left or right until resistance is felt, when a slightly increased pressure will move the special friction on which this is mounted and make the necessary adjustment. Repeat, if necessary, until an even and regular beat is obtained
  7. To regulate, screw the pendulum nut (fig 6) up to make the clock go faster and down to make it go slower. One half turn of the nut will make a difference of around 5 mins in 24 hours.