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Clock Repairs in Chesterfield

Overton Clocks offer professional clock and watch Repairs in Chesterfield. Our services vary depending on the time piece you would like to be serviced, however please see the three boxes below for a rough guideline on what level of expertise and servicing you can expect.

Antique Clock repairs are also part of our specialty, we have repaired and serviced a large number of longcase clocks, Regulators, Bracket Clocks, Carriage Clocks  of which date back to the late 1600s to modern times. To view some of our recent work, which showcases the process of the disassembly and cleaning click ‘our work’ in the navigation bar or view our gallery.

We repair and service a very wide range of clocks and watches, here is a small list of which clocks we have serviced or repaired in the past:

  • Long Case or Grandfather Clocks
  • Wall Clocks (vienna)
  • Carriage Clocks
  • Bracket Clocks
  • French Drum Clocks
  • Pocket Watches
  • Wrist Watches
  • Electric Wrist Watches
  • and many more…

Our servicesGol usually consist of four main stages, the first stage consists of removing all the parts of the clock, laying them out to one side and then checking to see if they are all up to standard. Stage two and three consists of cleaning each and every part of the clock as well as making any repairs which are needed at the time. Stage four is simply the re-assembly of the clock, giving it another thorough check over to see if everything is in order and working, and then a final clean and polish to the case as required giving the whole clock a new lease of life!

Click here to see the full process of our services.

If you are interested in our services please call us on 01246 204978 or contact us using the contact form here. Or simply visit our premises and we can discuss any questions/queries you have.

Handmade Bevelled Clock Glass

We have the capability to hand make bespoke bevelled clock glass on site to your specific requirements. Whether it is a straight forward carriage clock glass or a unique shaped glass with exacting dimensions we can cater to your requirements. All work is carried out at our fully equipped workshop and securely posted to anywhere in the world. If you require a more personal approach or are in a rush, then visit us at our workshop and we can make your glass while you wait.

Handmade Bevelled Barometer Glass

We have the capability to hand make bespoke bevelled Barometer complete with drilled hole for the centre hand. If required, we can fit the hand if supplied upon order.  We also offer a full restoration, service and calibration of your barometer if required. Please call for details

Guilding Service

we now have a full electroplating workshop on our premises and can offer not only Gold plating but also Silver, Nickel, Copper and Rhodium plating. All Guilding can be tailored to your own specification regarding thickness, colour and final finishing of your clock. Call for details….