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Samuel Taylor Bracket clock | Tick Tock Thursday

Our horological shenanigans have bought us to Germany to purchase an incredibly rare painted bracket clock by Samuel Taylor c1750. I often say I try and source unusual or rare clocks and this is both. The bell top case is is made of mahogany and is painted in a rest rich red/burgundy paint that is in a condition that simply could not be replicated without 300 years of patina added! The gilding to the corners and edging of the apertures is lovely and untouched. I can let you know that I will not be touching the case either! The double fusee strike/pull repeat movement has a silent lever in the arch above “father time” and has a lovely engraving to the back plate. This clock has the earlier “knife edge” crown wheel (verge) escapement and very fine crossings to the wheels . On the dial, there are four paintings for the four seasons. A reminder from Samuel Taylor that time is short, but eternity is long. enjoy!

Samuel Taylor bracket clock

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