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Oak Drop Dial Clock by seth thomas

seth Thomas oak drop dial

A wonderful 19th century Oak Drop Dial Clock by The American Clockmaker Seth Thomas.

The undamaged case with carved oak door to the “drop” is in a most wonderful condition and has clearly been well cared for over the past 150 years. The glazed spun brass bezel protects the very original painted dial. The dial has not been rubbed or damaged due to misuse of a winding key and has a lovely colour that can only be achieved by the passage of time. The numerals are clear and the dial is not chipped. The Spade hands still retail the original finish and have not been bent or distorted in any way.
The movement has been fully overhauled by me and is ready for a good number of years to come. I will personally give a three year guarantee to this clock for peace of mind in your investment.

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