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Contacting the New Shop.

Contacting the New Shop.

We’re finally in the new shop now and everything is settling down. unfortunatly we have encountered one or two issues that should be sorted soon, however this will not effect operation and we are now open as normal.

Whilst our phone number for the shop hasnt changed, our phone line has not quite been set up, because of this you will be unable to contact the shop via phone. So in the meantime, you can contact us via email on overtonclocks@gmail.com or contact on our Facebook page @overtonclocks. Thank you for your patience. Our phone line will be back up as soon as possible.


4 thoughts on “Contacting the New Shop.

Lynn WhitePosted on  12:45 pm - Jul 8, 2019

Hi, I have a H. Samuel chiming pendulum wall clock bought around late 1970’s early 80’s. It stopped working when we moved house several years ago, ( it may have been overwound!) Do you think it’s worth trying to repair or is it not possible to get parts etc.?
Thank you

M WallerPosted on  7:58 am - Jul 12, 2019

I am wanting an update on my cuckoo clock repair. I now know the phone line is not working.

Please advise. My email is martynwaller@hotmail.co.uk
M Waller

Mark LawsonPosted on  2:19 pm - Jul 20, 2019

Hello. I am just checking how you are getting on with our clock. It is the French mystery clock. Please get in touch. I dud leave a message a couple of weeks ago but not heard anything back.

Roger KenchPosted on  12:57 pm - Jul 24, 2019

Its roger kench, you overhauled my long case clock last december.
Unfortunately it has stopped and not sure why having tried checking level etc.
Do I bring it in?

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