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Matthias Bäuerle Quarter Chiming Bracket Clock

Matthias Bäuerle Quarter Chiming Bracket Clock

A lovely ebonised 18th century style quarter chiming bracket clock by Matthias Bäuerle c1900.

This quarter chiming clock playing a Westminster tune on four coiled gongs and striking the hour on a further gong. The ebonised case is in a most lovely condition having a full length fretwork panel to the sides, cast brass caryatids and a brass handle to the bell top.

The case has received a careful clean to remove all the years of dust, grime and soot to reveal its original finish. The silvered dial with silent/strike subsidiary dial has been sympathetically restored to enhance the overall appearance and functionality.

The good quality three-train movement has been fully overhauled and polished by me personally and comes with a full three years guarantee for your piece of mind.

Peerless was a trademark used by Matthias Bäuerle GmbH of St. Georgen, Germany.

As the name suggests, “Peerless” was only used on their highest grade stock movements.

Like some French “Clock Makers”, M. Bäuerle was more a movements supplier than a maker of complete clocks. They sent movements to case makers in Germany (of course), as well as to the US and Great Britain.
So…as with many French Clocks, Peerless Clocks can be very unique in that they do not conform to well known catalogued models of the large clock manufacturing companies.

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