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Louis Waltrin Month Duration French Table Regulator

Louis Waltrin Month Duration French Table Regulator

Louis Waltrin (1749-après 1820)
The son of clockmaker Joseph Waltrin (circa 1720-1789), Louis-René Waltrin probably learned the art of clockmaking in his father’s workshop in the rue Saint-Antoine. He acquired his “lettres de maîtrise” as a master’s son on September 24, 1771. He quickly gained renown among the important Parisian collectors of the day, taking over his father’s business in the mid 1780’s. Several probate inventories of the late 18th and the early 19th centuries mention his work, particularly that of the wife of Jean-Baptiste-Hubert Lemarcis, and that of Antoine-François Boula de Montgodefroy, senior member of Parliament. After 1815, and the Bourbon Restoration, Louis-René Waltrin continued his brilliant career, being named Clockmaker to the Duke of Bordeaux.

A very rare and beautiful gilt month duration Table Regulator with external pinwheel escapement. The precision movement having micro adjustable pallets and finely made wheels and large count pinions. There is a possible date of c1777 engraved on the barrels along with the letter W. The movement has been fully overhauled by me personally and has been polished using an age old technique using chalk. This technique although labour intensive produces a finish that cannot be replicated using modern compounds and is as close to the original finish.

The centre second perfectly white porcelain dial displays two finely drawn chapter rings for the Hour, minute and second hand. The name Waltrin and the address Boulevard de Italians No 30 Paris is clearly written at the base of the dial.

The gilt portico case is beautifully proportioned and has a simple elegance against the knife edge suspended gridiron “second beat” pendulum.

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