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Harrison Clock | Tick Tock Thursday

This week I will need your help. We have receive a possibly important clock and need a collective thought on what it is. The name Harrison always conjures up imaginations on the famous longitude trials and although this clock has the name William Harrison on both the beautifully made porcelain dial and also engraved on the back plate. I am very sceptical that this clock was made by John Harrison’s son.

What we do have though is a very high quality clock. Both in case manufacture and in movement design. The mahogany case had fine ebony inlay and brass cast artwork panels to the sides and rear door. The glazed engraved bezel has a “mock” hinge to balance it out and at the base a separate well fitted door that reveals the large half second beat pendulum. The five pillar arched movement is substantial to say the least with Harrison maintaining power, deadbeat escapement, five spoke wheels and rollers on the hammer that strikes two bells at the same time. The skeltonised snail and rack are lovely… but… Wm Harrison is not listed in Walworth! Answers on a postcard

Suspisious Harrison clock case from the rear. it is bullet shaped with mahogany wood and a red and gold detailing
a clock mechanism
A clock panel with the words WM HARRISON engraved on it

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