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Full Overhaul, service and repair

Price Subject to assessment, from £195.00

We start with the removal of the movement from the case.

The movement is then fully dismantled, and all parts undergo a two or three part ultrasonic cleaning process, using professional cleaning products that are environmentally safe.

All pivots are checked and polished, any bearing that is too worn is re-bushed; the mainsprings are inspected and replaced as necessary.

During the above process, any repairs will be conducted as required, excluding costly replacement parts, (very occasionally is this required).

The movements is re-assembled and checked for damage, all parts are then re-lubricated as necessary, and any adjustments are made.

Before the movement is returned to its case it is given a preliminary test to enable final adjustments to be made.

The case is cleaned and polished before the movement is refitted.

The clock is then set up and tested for a week, to ensure it is working correctly.

We issue a 12 month warranty for any works carried out.

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