Contact the new shop: Update

The new shop now has working phone lines! However, if you have a query you can still contact us via email by sending it to

For those who would prefer a more direct approach our phonelines are back up to contact us on the number as always is 01246 204978.

Thank you for your patience whilst we sort out everyhting at our new location.

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I have tried to call you on numerous times and haven’t been able to get through for some reason ?
Basically I have a 40 year old rotary watch that is my dads but it no longer works, it’s not worked for about 5 years since my dad jumped into a swimming pool with it on. I’ve taken it somewhere already and they said something about the spring? Anyway they said it would take around 4-6 weeks to fix and it seemed a expensive price to repair it. I was wondering if you could help, is this something you do?

Thank you

Hi I left a couple of my watches with you a while ago.(maybe August?) and had completely forgotten about them. I assume they are ready or nearly ready to collect.
One – I had overwound and broken the main spring – I believe you needed to order a spring.
The other, a Rotary, is rectangular had not worked properly since you serviced it. It has very small mechanism.
My phone numbers are 01246 211416 and 07779 48 43 47 Please contact me either by phone or email. Kind Regards.
Mike Barthorpe

Hello it’s Andy graham here ( might of give you my full name james Andrew ) just wondered if you have managed to restore my pocket watch yet ( Thomas Holmes of cheadle ) I cant seem to find new shop as I would pop in . Last time I popped in you said you was getting on to it , but concerenrd you’ve forgot with moving premises an Bin busy , but if you could let me no how it’s going it would be appreciated , cheers andy

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