About Us

a cleaned pocket watch
Two pocket watches

We are Horologists specialising in the repair, service and restoration of watches, clocks and Barometers. Our provenance is based around a master clock maker trained at Smiths of Derby with a clear vision of the standards required to become an outstanding business.

We provide a bespoke restoration service tailoring to your needs. This may be fully restoring an elderly gentleman’s 1940’s watch that he intends to give to his grandson as an heirloom. Or manufacturing a part for a handmade 17th century long case, that will be displayed in a museum. Both customers are equally important. Although both have very different specifications.

Our customers fall into three sets. The general public which is 40% of our order book. Trade clock dealers requiring quick turnaround projects on valuable timepieces make up 25%. Finally, high street Jewellers making up the third, we have contracts with all the local jewellers and have also won a national contract with F Hinds who have 150 stores.

Why Choose Overton Clocks?

Above all, we at Overton Clocks make a point of learning our customer’s names and listening carefully to their requirements. With this information we tailor a bespoke experience for our customer that leaves them with the confidence to let us work on their treasured possessions. All at a price that they feel is reasonable. As proof of this service: A gentleman from Australia visiting Chesterfield was given a c1865 pocket watch as an heirloom. Insisting that due to Chesterfield’s engineering reputation, there was no where else it could be restored. We quickly and expertly repaired the piece to his specification. Also, the work was completed before he left the UK to go back home.

Our competitive advantage is we inspire confidence. That gives our customers the peace of mind needed for them to trust us with their possessions.

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