The New Sales Room

The sales room is now looking splendid in its 19th century style.. this beautiful Oyster Walnut striking long case dating from 1680! has just gone to its new owner.. Relax a while in this atmospheric room…

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Oyster Walnut striking long case body
an old clock face reading 11 oclock
a grandfather clock beside two wall mounted clocks in a green room
the face of a Oyster Walnut striking long case
Our Work

Waltham Pocket Watches

A folly of Waltham Pocket watches this week. Made in America from the early twentieth century, their watches had intricate patterns engraved onto the plates. Truly, they are a pleasure to work on.

Just out of interest. The three watches date from: Number 5 million dates 1892. Next, number 21 million ( gold colour ) is from the end of 1917 and number 28 million is from 1934. Waltham made over 35 million pocket watches from their humble beginnings in 1850.. President Abraham Lincoln owned an 1863 model. Enjoy!

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a cleaned Waltham pocket watch mechanism
a cleaned Waltham pocket watch
Our Work

Roamer Watch

What a first full week as a proper full time clockmaker it’s been! I’m finally living my dream and it is lovely.. This Roamer watch was very dirty and grubby before the magic wand was passed over it… ( before and after pics) Thankyou so much for all your support smile emoticon enjoy!

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a roamer watch before cleaning
a roamer watch after cleaning