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Overton Clocks, Clock and Watch Repair in Chesterfield

  • Expert repair services including a full overhaul of your watch, or clock.
  • Traditional Clock Shop with a wide selection of high quality products.
  • 12 month guarantee with almost all of our services and products.
  • We repair and service a very wide range of clocks and watches.
  • We offer reliable services and products which you can trust

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Overton Clocks of Chesterfield


Overton Clocks are based in the heart of chesterfield and specialise in the repair, servicing and restoration of Watches, Clocks and Barometers. Our provenance is based around a master clockmaker trained at Smiths of Derby who has a clear vision on the standards required to become an outstanding business.

We offer expert repair services including a full overhaul which consists of fully dismantled the clock, cleaning each and every part, polishing each part by hand, and any other imperfections are taken care of before re-assembly.

Our core customer service philosophy is to treat every timepiece as if it was our own. To ask the question, would I be happy with the level of expertise and standard of work?  It is only when the answer is yes that the timepiece is handed back.


Traditional Clock Shop

Here at Overton Clocks in the heart of Chesterfield, we are truly a traditional clock shop, we offer professional reliable services, and a 12 month warranty with almost all of our services!

After moving into our current premises in the month of May 2015, we have fully transformed one of our rooms in our premises into a fully operational Watch service and repair department..

If you are interested in our Clock, Watch, Barometer service and repair, and want to learn more please call 01246 204978, email us with info@overtonclocks.co.uk or use the contact form on this page.



Great friendly service, fixed my watch today after a new battery wasn't replaced properly by another business and didn't try and find work that didn't need doing unlike some! Will come here in the future. Can't recommend highly enough.

- Chris Mallory

Fabulous friendly service. I've just put my brass ship's clock back on the wall where it belongs. All nicely cleaned, polished and ticking merrily away. Thank you.

- Phyllis Jones

My pocket watch is with him now for some much needed restoration, if you value old fashioned customer service & real craftsmanship, I would recommend this shop.

- Michael Davidson